Book about The Royal Danish Orchestra

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Founded over 550 years ago, The Royal Danish Orchestra is the worlds oldest orchestral institution. Starting out as a trumpeter corps, the institution is today an opera and symphony orchestra based at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen. Its long history is told in short, independent sections centred on the musicians: to date, over a thousand musicians have been employed in the orchestra. Among them, we discover colourful individuals sometimes also working as officers, entertainers and envoys for their employers who until 1849 were the Danish kings. Its members included world famous composers such as John Dowland, Heinrich Schutz, Niels W Gade and Carl Nielsen. The book is richly illustrated with a selection of the treasures of art that surround The Royal Danish Orchestra, presenting its everyday life as well as its members. There are paintings and drawings by artists such as C W Eckersberg, Louis Aumont, P S Kroyer, Michael Ancher, Erik Henningsen, Carlo Rosberg, Harald Isenstein and Henrik Bloch. Many of their works are here published for the first time.

Troels Svendsen is a violinist in The Royal Danish Orchestra 1966-87; member of Collegium Musicum, Copenhagen, and the Orchestra of the 18th Century playing the baroque violin. Founder of the baroque ensemble, Violon-Banden, which is Rosenborg Castles ensemble in residence. During 1981-2003 he was employed at the Danish Radio, and from 2003 to 2009 worked as programme editor for The Royal Danish Orchestra.

Mogens Andresen was a bass trombone player in the Danish Royal Orchestra 1974-1988, and member of Collegium Musicum, Copenhagen. In 1988 he was appointed professor of brass instruments at The Royal Danish Academy of Music teaching ensemble direction and music communication. Member of Violon-Banden, and co-founder of Royal Danish Brass, Dania Brass, and Dania Big Band.