Second Violin

Alexandra Schneider-Hansen

Education: Folkwang Universität der Künste, Prof. Vesselin Paraschkevov, Prof. Andreas Reiner
My favorite musical composition: Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet, Wagner Vorspiel Tristan and Isolde, Mozart, Richard Strauss, Mahler and on and on….
My greatest musical experience: There are many, and hopefully many more to come. It was a great honor to play Mahler’s 2. Symphony under the baton of Maestro Mariss Jansons.
My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: In the break of Mozart’s Idomeneo we got to know about Denmark’s lockdown because of COVID-19. It was a very special atmosphere when we played after the break, not knowing what will happen and how long it’ll take before we all can meet and play together again.
When I’m not playing in the Kapel: My family is definitely a big part of my free time. Otherwise I love good food, baking, a good book and long walks.