Juliane von Hahn

My Education: I started as a very young person in Hamburg with Berhard Gmelin, then went on to sample the big life in London where I studied with William Pleeth and Stefan Popov, followed by nearly a decade of studying, working and experiencing in Berlin with Wolfgang Böttcher and most of the orchestras in town.

My favorite musical composition: Brahms, Schumann, Bach and Schönberg are closest to my heart, but being in The Royal Danish Orchestra I adore Alban Berg, Leoš Janáček and Thomas Adès- and for the fun of the playing and the rush of big sound and great themes, there will of course always be big Papa Strauss!

My greatest musical experience: Listening to György Kurtág playing Kurtág, he has it all… With the Kongelige Kapel, I would definitely call the Valkyrie concert performance with Kirill Petrenko one of the most memorable of my life.

My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: I have to point out, that it is all about theatre, where strange incidents are part of the job. So… being a member of this orchestra is in itself unusual, memorable and funny. I recall several incidents in performances where tears of laughter ran down my cheeks – forgotten lines, text improvisations, sets entering at wrong places, costumes falling down, wigs falling off and so on…. It is the grand theatre emotion that makes it so special. Come and see!!

When I’m not playing in the Kapel: You will probably find me buried under a big pile of books, somewhere in a corner with a lot of light. If you do not find me there, try the closest big forest or seaside. If you still do not succeed, try chocolate….