Nanna Hartmann Rasmussen


My instrument: Viola (I unfortunately had to give up the tuba).

My education: Odense musikkonservatorium with Finn Winsløv. Royal College of Music i London with Simon Rowland-Jones.

My favorite musical composition:  I have a couple of favourites, but only when they are played by my favourite performers. Golberg Variations played by Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Mozart Divertamento for string trio with the Grumiaux Trio.

My greatest musical experience: It was amazing to play with Simon Rattle in 2013, but I also had an amazing experience once in London playing Mozarts Don Giovanni with Colin Davis.

My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: Its hard to choose because funny things are always happening when you work in a theater. One thing I will never forget is when we played Hans Abrahamsen’s Double Concerto for Violin and Piano with Simon Rattle. I was playing the 4th viola part and there was one specific section filled with crazy polyrhythms and tempo changes. I remember thinking “okay, I will just follow the conductor as best as I can.” just before Rattle leaned forward and said “I have no idea how to conduct this passage, so I am just going to follow the 4th viola……”!!!

When I’m not playing in the Kapel:  I am almost always looking on den blå avis. I love old things. Old bikes, old Fischer Price toys (anyone out there have the Fischer Price baby with the yellow bib?), old clothes, old glassware, etc.. If I had not become a musician I would have liked to try psychology, party planning, or architecture.