Nina Kathrin Schlemm

My education: I began playing the harp when I was 7 years old with Siegrid Reiff and started studying with Prof. Maria Graf at the Hamburger Musikhochschule before I finished my matriculation exam. I have also participated in a number of master classes, f.ex. Pierre Jamet (France), Erika Waardenburg (Netherlands) and Susan McDonald (USA).

My favourite musical composition: It’s hard to choose. I love Brahms’ chamber music and Bach’s piano works. In addition, I love impressionist composers and often listen to jazz.

My greatest musical experience: When I was touring Japan with the Berlin Philharmonic and Claudio Abbado.

My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: It must have been then to The Nutcracker where I was to play on stage, dressed as the character Drosselmeier, with a big wig and wearing a golden costume. I was sitting on a carriage with my harp and had to play a cadence while some ballet children pulled the carriage across the stage. Unfortunately we ended up crashing into the set with a big bang …

When I’m not playing in the Kapel: I’m very involved in art, which has interested me for many years now. I have been admitted to an art school, where I try my hand at translating music into other art forms such as installations, paintings and videos. You could also find me in my little garden in the summer, and down by Helgoland in the winter, where I love winter bathing. Otherwise, I teach the harp at the Lübeck  Conservatory (Germany) and love playing chamber music. But above all, I am the mother of a wonderful daughter.