Double Bass

Ramsey Harvard

My education: BM Peabody Institute, MM Boston University.

My favorite musical composition: It changes every day. Normally I find myself listening to contemporary composers, I am especially into Osvaldo Golijov right now, but I still don’t think I have heard a piece of music more perfectly orchestrated than a Mahler Symphony.

My greatest musical experience: The times I have had the pleasure of working with Renee Fleming. Listening to her sing is like a masterclass in musicianship.

My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: The time the curtain fell from the stage onto the bass group directly on the first downbeat of Tosca. We sat there assuming they would stop the show, but the rest of the orchestra just kept playing so we had to pull the curtain off and catch up!

When I’m not playing in the Kapel:  When I am not playing in the orchestra I like to cook, practice yoga, read fiction, and play with my dog Frances.