Therese Åstrand Radev

My Education: Educated at the Royal Academy in Århus and at the Sweelink Conservatory in Amsterdam with Elias Arizcuren. Further studies in London with William Pleeth and in Chicago with John Sharp. String quartet studies with the Alban Berg Quartet in Cologne and in London with the Chilingirian and Amadeus Quartets.

My favorite musical composition: Der Rosenkavalier, Strauss.

My greatest musical experience: There have been many great and different musical moments. Difficult to choose…

My most memorable/funny/unusual experience in the Kapel: The concert performance of Wagners Valkyrie with Kirill Petrenko was wonderful.

When I’m not playing in the Kapel: When I’m not playing with the orchestra I’m with my family. There is also time for some chamber music with my family in the Stralo Ensemble and with my electric string quartet, the Messer Quartet.